Anderson-Messeder Holiday Christmas Card 2020

A different year to say the least?

There are both plusses and deltas. Plusses being that we slowed down. A LOT. Daren and I both are working from home. That means most meals are prepared at home, with love and eaten in a non-rushed away. We get as much rest as our bodies need. We exercise as much as we have always wanted to. We are on top of the house and did all the work and repairs we have been putting off.And we have time for our pets and hobbies.

But we do miss socializing, seeing family and friends – and our kids as much as we used to.

Speaking of the children – Tom is working in Watertown outside of Boston at Perkins School for the Blind in the residential program with the teen population. Gabby is finishing up her senior year at the University of Rhode Island studying Geology and Water Conservation. Kieran took a year off from Harvard and is interning in a small start-up company named DietID. Devin is a senior in high school and has begun the college application process.

With time for arts and crafts this year I have had my fill of creativity. But found the well never dries up! Daren has had plenty of time for sailing and the piano. Most of all we spent our first summer in Branford really enjoying the area, the beach, kayaking, and time right in our own corner the world with our neighbors who turn out are a LOT of fun!

Here are some highlights of the year

Then there was ART AND CRAFTS


Hopefully like the sunrise below – we will start 2021in a beautiful manor. Cheers to the end of 2020 and may all the good things that are new help transform the world into a better place as we create new norms from all we have learned this year.

Happy Holidays from our family to yours.


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