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Yograzia Balance, LLC

Yoga inspired. Small, individual business. Woman & veteran operated. Green.

The goal of Yograzia Balance (YB) is to foster balance through yoga and yogic principles.A balanced lifestyle touches on all domains of life. Living in balance allows us to be mindful and conscious about how our thoughts and actions affect our life and the world around us.YB’s mission is to help those ready and willing to become more conscious through the practices of yoga.The main product of YB is yoga and accompanying practices, however YB also incorporates products and services that are aligned with yoga concepts and dharma.It may seem as if YB offers an eclectic mix of goods- but they are all full of love and good vibes! Love & Good vibes that nurture the idea of yoking the mind, body and soul.

Yograzia Balance, LLC

Esterina Anderson, RYT500