Interesting Tidbits about Us & Our home

We bought this home in the summer of 2016. It was a foreclosure and in desperate need of some love and attention. We didn’t have a huge budget. While we had some contracting work done on things we were unable to do ourselves; we mostly repaired, fixed and updated both the inside and outside of 15 Summer Island Point ourselves. The house was furnished almost exclusively with extra things we had at our main home in Cheshire CT. While some things were new (mattresses, sleeper sofa & appliances to name a few), the things we didn’t have were purchased on consignment, at local yard sales, found roadside or donated by friends and neighbors. We refurnished what needed to be fixed up before placing it in this home.

Here are some things that one might find of interest about some of the items in our home

  • The Welcome Mat on the porch of the driveway entrance into the mudroom (the one with the lock pad that is the common entry point) is made from recycled flip-flops.


  • The Pain Killer magnet that is on the welcome board when you first come into the mudroom (with checkout instructions) is from the British Virgin Islands. It’s their most popular drink and one of our favorite sailing vacations that we have taken. Feel free to try out the recipe. If you love it – take a photo & make it back home too!


  • The Oar in the mudroom going into the kitchen has been in the Anderson family for multiple generations.
  • The Tide Clock in the kitchen is from a local artist in Ogunquit, Maine. At low tide you can see the whole beach and at high tide the beach is gone. The picture is of the Nubble Light house in York, ME. The York/Ogunquit area is a place that we frequent often and has a special place in our hearts.


  • Almost every item of furniture in this home was bought on consignment and personally refinished by us. On most of the items refurbished, there is a hidden symbol somewhere that one could find or within the piece itself. It is Esterina’s signature to mark a little something special. on each one (hearts, peace symbols, sun, Namaste, sail boat… to name a few).


  • There is a Small Shell Clock in the fireplace room on the lamp shelf. The hands of the clock have broken, but we like to keep it around as a reminder that when we are here, we are here to relax, enjoy and not worry about the time J
  • All the live Plants in the house (other than the two large ones on the floor in the living room) are homegrown baby/child plants from our year round home that Esterina has nurtured and created. The two on the living room floor were a welcome gift from a neighbor who was just moving out and couldn’t bring them when we first moved in.


  • All the Quilts on the beds and baskets are from both sides of our families and have been around for many years.


  • The Lobster Buoys hanging off the side of the garage into the backyard are real lobster buoys that somehow ended up on our late sailboat from Maine several years back.
  • The Shells, clams, rocks and muscles in jars around the house are all from the area or our trips around New England. On some of them, there are labels underneath with where the items have come from.


  • The Clear Lamps in the Master Bedroom hold sand and sea glass right from the yard at the house here in Summer Island.


  • The Books on the shelves of the main living room are an overflow from our own personal library and college days. Please feel free to read as many as you’d like and donate any books you read and would not like to take back home.


  • The Lighthouse Painting in the 2nd upstairs bedroom was hand painted by Daren’s grandmother and portrays Nantucket’s Great Point Light House.


  • The few places in which there are Printed scenic pictures around the home are ours from own various adventures.


  • The Wine glasses that have names on the glasses are all from local Connecticut wineries.


  • Similarly but even more local, the Beer glasses that have names on the glasses are all from the breweries right here in Branford!