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2019 Services


YB Private Lesson

For students who prefer to practice outside of a studio or group.

75 minutes

$90 per class

$225 for 3 classes



YB Private New Student Lesson

For the beginner student who would like to learn about the basics of yoga practice.

120 Minutes



YB Private Refresher Lesson

Refresher class for students who have been practicing yoga for a while, but would like to learn about how to go deeper into the physical practice. 

90 Minutes




YB Specialized Consultation

This service is for the student who would like dedicated consultation on the various offerings of yoga, completely customized to their own life-style, body-type, limitations, goals, and interests.


There is a 90-minute intake session where we meet to discuss your level of experience, your willingness to explore other yogic options (breath work, mudra, mantra, meditation, etc).


Following the intake session, we meet again to discuss a plan that the student can work into their life using yoga and yogic principles to meet their goals. We will then schedule a 3rd session to follow-up on the plan and make any final adjustments that will work for the student long term.

1.5 hour intake session

Two separate 1-hour follow-up sessions



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