Mantras are chants or a set of words repeated to manifest a desired outcome.


Most people chant a mantra 108 times or use a derivative (higher or lower) of 108. The number 108 is a common number in many cultures and religions believed to carry a high spiritual vibration.


Mantras are said to work best when

  • They are intended for the self
  • When the goal has a pure intention such as wellness, health, peace, patience, wisdom, etc.
  • When at least 108 are repeated daily for at least 40 days (40 is another auspicious number)
  • When chosen because the phrase seems to jump out at you
  • When chanted in Sanskrit


Sanskrit is an unspoken vibrational language. Vibrational languages were often created by the ancients who used the sounds to connect to the accompanying vibrations in the universe.


Making up your own Sanskrit combinations is frowned upon.



Other Benefits:

  • The repetition helps to quiet the mind (aid in meditation)
  • When a phrase/word is reiterated, it helps to plant seeds deeply into the subconscious mind to create a healthy thought pattern in order to gain desired results in our lives.
  • Helps to stimulate the endocrine system (metabolism, growth and development, tissue function)
  • Aids in releasing emotion


There are dozens of Sanskrit mantras that have been passed down over thousands of years. They can be found on the Internet.