What’s Provided?



  • Indoor & outdoor plates & cups. Flatware & serving utensils. Tea pot, coffee maker (auto drip), French press, stove top espresso maker, milk foamer cup and hand held device, cutting knives, cutting boards, salad bowl, lobster pot, pots/pans, cooking dishes, storage ware, measuring cups/spoons, mixing bowl, pitchers, a blender, a toaster, garlic press, rolling pin, veggie peeler, turkey baster, pastry brush, cheese grater, can-opener, pizza cutter, ladle, pasta ladle, colander, ice-cream scoop, oyster shucker, steak knives, knife block, chip clips, kitchen shears, potato masher, wooden spoons, rubber spatulas, wire whisk, handful of cookbooks, fruit bowl, bread basket, 2 pie plates, a bread pan, tons of place mats, serving dishes, espresso cups, mugs… amongst others.


  • There is a charging station in the kitchen to the left of the fridge. It can fit up to 6 apple portable devices – either 6 iPhones and 2 iPads, or 6 iPhones. The charger is for version iPhones 5.0 & higher. If you have other types of devices, please remember to bring your chargers.


  • There are two small flashlights in there in the drawer below the charging station.


  • Microwave, dishwasher, full size fridge and gas stove are also available for use.


  • For wine lovers… We have glasses. Any with names on them are from some of the wineries in Connecticut. We have a wine pump out that stays in the bottle and several bottle covers that should be left in the house prior to check-out (wine pump stays behind too of course :-)). There are colored wine markers for the rims of glasses and of course a wine bottle opener.


  • Table that seats 7 adults comfortably. There are 4 chairs and a bench.


  • There are condiments kept in the fridge for use.


  • We provide teas, sugar, salt, pepper, many spices.


  • There are 4 ice-trays in the freezer.


  • We provide napkins and at least 2 rolls of paper towels. There will often be foil, plastic wrap and gallon sized plastic bags as well in the food pantry.


  • The storage pantry has a fire extinguisher, vacuum cleaner, broom, dustpan, wash pail, trash bags, and the indoor trash receptacle along with two pet bowls, a pet bed and container with dog treats.


  • Under the sink we stock dishwasher detergent, an extra sponge, glass cleaner, sink cleaner, and the inside recycling bin as well as a few other random cleaning supplies.


  • The drawers to the right of the sink include some kitchen washcloths, kitchen towels, and hot pads.


  • There is a cooler for guest use in the pantry, and a foldable picnic basket in the cabinet closest to the sliding glass doors.


  • There is PLENTY of room in the kitchen to bring lots of extra things to make your stay as fun/cozy/and-or “at-home” as possible.




  • We have two full bathrooms. Both are stocked with 6 towels each for a total of 12 towels.


  • The downstairs bathroom has a shower unit. 4 towels will be hung on the towel racks for guest use. There are also hooks behind the door if you need more room to hang towels to dry. The other two extra towels are in the linen closet along with two extra wash clothes & hand towels.


  • The upstairs bathroom has a bathtub/shower combination unit. This bathroom also has 6 towels but they are stored in the linen closet along with two extra wash clothes and hand towels. There are two hooks behind the bathroom door and hooks behind the doors in each bedroom for drying.


  • Both bathrooms have cotton balls, cotton swabs, a box of facial tissues, a bathroom cup and toothbrush holder. Upstairs these items are located under the sink and downstairs they are in the cabinet to the left of the mirror. Both bathrooms will have at least two or three extra rolls of toilet paper.


  • In case you forget shampoo or soap, we do provide a small amount of each in our refillable containers. They will be located in the showers of each bathroom.


  • There is a standard first aid kit on the top shelf of the downstairs linen closet.


  • There is a hairdryer and flat iron in the bottom drawer of the upstairs bathroom.


  • There are 6 beach towels in the downstairs linen closet.



    • In warm weather, please use the ceiling fans in the bathroom, as the steam has been known to set off the smoke detectors when it’s too warm out.
    • Please do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet. There are small trash receptacles next to each toilet for anything other than toilet paper.
    • Things happen… there is a plunger located next to each toilet if you need it.




  • The entrance closest to the driveway is the one most people use and it opens up to a mudroom.


  • There are ample hooks in the mudroom and the front hall closet to hang jackets, towels, bags, etc.


  • The mudroom has an umbrella stand with two small umbrellas and two large ones.


  • The mudroom also has a small mirror unit, which opens up to key hooks where the garage keys are kept.


  • The front hall closet also has a fire extinguisher as well as a folding card table/extra eating table.




  • There are bookshelves with a decent sized selection of books to read.


  • There is also a small DVD library in the unit under the Television.


  • We have ample board games, cards, a cross-word puzzle and grown up coloring books behind the doors under the shelving units in this room.


  • There is a large, flat screen television with a Bose sound system that hooks up to blue tooth. Just press the blue tooth on the Bose remote and connect to blue tooth via your wireless device. You can hear whatever you play from your device over the speakers. “Bose Colorsoundlink”.


  • There are two sofas and many throw blankets in the brown basket near the tv.


  • There is a large window seat with pillows. A great place to sit & read!


  • If you have books, DVDs or board games that you would like to get rid of, please don’t hesitate to take them on your trip to visit our home and leave them for future guests.




  • There is a queen sleeper sofa in this room. Sheets and pillows for this unit are in the downstairs bedroom closet.


  • There are two throw blankets in the basket by the fireplace.


  • There is a desk in the corner with a chair as well as a recliner in the corner by the back sliders.


  • You can light the lights around the fireplace decor switching the little light unit inside to on. Please remember to turn them off when you are done.


  • For safety reasons, we don’t allow guests to use the fireplace.


  • There is a locked closet in this room across from the desk not available for guest use.




  • This room has a double-bed, dresser, end table, bench with a cushion (more blankies inside) and a lamp.


  • There is a nice size closet with some hangers and a laundry basket.


  • There is a fan in the closet if it gets warm & the sea breeze isn’t blowing through that window. In June through September we provide a portable AC unit.




  • There is a queen-sized bed with two pillows, and two extra pillows in the closet.


  • There is a very large closet for guest use with plenty of hangers and a laundry basket.


  • This room contains a window unit air conditioner.


  • There are two full size dressers in this room along with two end tables and lamps.


  • There is a locked door to a closet in this room not for guest use.




  • There are two twin beds that can be used separately or together as a queen with two pillows and two throw pillows.


  • The washer & dryer are in this room behind the closet doors to the right. There will be laundry soap for at least 1-2 loads (usually much more) and dryer sheets. There is also an iron & small ironing board in this closet.


  • There is a large closet for guest use with plenty of hangers and two more large body pillows, as well as a portable fan unit and a laundry basket.


  • This room has an overhead ceiling fan.


  • There are two full size dressers in this room along with two end tables and lamps.


  • In June through September we provide a portable AC unit.





  • The yard is a great place to watch the sunset.


  • The backyard has a small patio with 6 Adirondack chairs, a fire pit and a grill (May to Oct)– all for guest use. We do not provide firewood, you can either bring some or purchase some locally. If there is extra from us or other guests, we usually leave it by the trash receptacles.


  • From May-October we will have two wicker chairs with end tables on the front porch.


  • The outside porch by the side door near the driveway & mudroom has a rocking chair and end table.


  • We have lawn games located under the seat of the bench and in the boiler room (behind white door) to the left of the sliders from inside… can’t miss it.




  • There are three locked doors in the house. They are located to the right of the fireplace room, in the fireplace room across from the desk, and in the master bedroom. Guests do not have access to these locations.


  • There are coasters all over the house for guest use. Please use them under anything you carry outside of the kitchen to consume.


  • Life happens, we totally understand. If anything becomes broken or damaged that looks to be under your security deposit (if you had one), please contact us as soon a possible so we could potentially work out a less expensive alternative to replace the item. Otherwise please let us know anyhow so we can work out something that is fair for both of us.